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Katha Weddings is a complete wedding - planning organization, focused on specialized events and destination management. And we get it all to you on a platter, gift - wrapped. Our team members are innovative, hardworking, resourceful and certified professionals obsessed with perfection. So if you wished for a resplendent white decor, interlaced with your favorite mint green, rest assured that one of us will go to the ends of the world to get you that. Because we do not believe in simply meeting expectations; we'd like to exceed them.

Our inspiration comes from around the world. From years of experience of globe - trotting and an intense love for photography. From classy, sometimes funky, trends the world over. From the weddings we have planned and executed. We find our muse from and beyond personal and professional spaces - of watching, interpreting and narrating love stories from the sidewalks of Istanbul, through the streets of Egypt, to the traditional and sometimes 'big fat wedding' ideas of India.

So no matter what your specifications, we have just the wand to wave to make your wishes come true. You choose, and we deliver. It's as simple as that! And you can be sure that along the way, we will add to it a good splash of color and music.

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