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Every wedding has a story to tell of a couple starting a life together, of dreams and hopes that become one.

But we know that a wedding is not just about the trousseau or the caterers. Or the locale or guest accommodations. It's about everything that leads to the big day... that auspicious start to the most intimate phase of life you'll forever look back upon, fondly. A wedding's for you to sit back and glow in anticipation of the life ahead, even as the tiny details are taken care of, so that the big things can take care of themselves.We are the best wedding planners in Bangalore who conceive stylish and exclusive weddings.

We believe that every wedding needs to be laced together and narrated for posterity. And who better to weave that story than the wedding planners, living through those moments as closely as the bride and groom, juggling tasks, as excited and helpful as their family and friends?

That's where we come in. We are Katha, YOUR Story Makers

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